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How do I know if I need a coach?

How do I pay for coaching when I am broke?

Financial coaching is the most hands-on service offered. A coach will help you develop and implement a plan specific to your unique situation. You may be facing a crisis like bankruptcy, foreclosure or harassing creditors. Maybe if you just have some general questions about money management, financial coaching could be a great place to begin. Each coach is trained to offered detailed advice in a variety of situations. 
Financial coaching gives you a high level of detail and individual attention. As you progress from reading one of Dave's books to Financial Peace University to financial coaching, the increasing cost reflects the increasing scope of resources devoted specifically to your situation. Although financial coaching can be expensive, it is a necessity for some. For others, however, it is a luxury. You will have to decide where to draw the line.
If coaching is a necessity, then you also have to compare it to: 1) the costs of bankruptcy, which can be $500—2,000 in legal fees alone, or 2) the cost of credit counseling, which, at $30—$50 per month for four years, would cost around $2,000. Our fees are a bargain compared to these options, plus you'll have a plan to change your financial future! Many couples also find that addressing their financial situation reduces the stress on their marriage.

Can I make payments for coaching?

We do not want to become your creditor, so we do not divide the fee into payments. As a result, we request the payment in full up front by either a debit card or bank draft. Remember, financial coaching is the most detailed service we offer, which is why it's one of the most costly. Other less-expensive options are available such as daveramsey.com, Dave's books and Financial Peace University, but coaching is focused on your unique situation.

What if my spouse will not attend coaching?

Our policy requires both spouses to attend the coaching session. From experience, we've learned that coaching only one spouse does not work. This must be a team effort. If your spouse is not on board, sit down with them in a non-distracting environment and communicate how much you want them to participate in the finances. Do not let this be a time to nag, yell, scream, etc. Tell them that attending financial coaching, or even Financial Peace University, can be your Christmas, birthday or anniversary gift this year.

Is there a difference between FPU and a Coach?

The difference is the level of detail. Financial coaching is the most detailed and comprehensive service we offer. Our coaches will help you develop a plan specific to your financial situation. FPU offers weekly accountability and encouragement in addition to lessons on budgeting, debt elimination, investing, insurance and giving.

What does a financial coach do?

We get to know you and your finances. Show you practical ways to live on less than you make. Give you the tools it takes to manage your money effectively. Offer recommendations and show you how these changes will improve your net worth.

If I make enough money to pay monthly bills, do I still need a coach?

Am I too far in debt to be helped?

More times than not peoples situations are not as bad as they believe them to be. With a solid financial plan hope can be restored and your family legacy will grow.
It's awesome that you are able to pay all your bills every month. Now let's focus on using your income to build a solid foundation and build wealth.
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